Proposition 10

On November 1998, California voters passed the California Children and Families Act of 1998. The act levies a tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products with the intent to provide funding for early childhood development programs, in addition to establishing a State Commission and local County Commissions for this purpose. 

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Heart of Infant & Toddler Care Program

Imperial County Office of Education


A group of eager early care and education providers engaged in The Heart of Infant and Toddler Care interactive workshop facilitated by Viviana Yacopi, Early Care and Education Manager, Imperial County Office of Education are pictured here. 

The Imperial County Office of Education’s The Heart of Infant & Toddler Care Program was awarded funding through a First 5 Imperial Community Development Mini-Grant to provide specialized training to early care and education providers working with infants and toddlers.  The workshops use The Heart of Infant & Toddler Care presentation series  and offer professionals valuable insights from a variety of authorities in the child develoment field who speak with passion and knowledge. Their perspective uniquely describes both time-tested truths and current research-based practices, in addition to incorporating appropriate pedagogy and strategies from innovative early care and education programs from across the country. 

Through The Heart of Infant & Toddler Care Program, the Imperial County Office of Education works to provide 5 three-hour trainings to early care and education providers, particularly focusing on foster care parents, infant and toddler teachers, family child care providers, and license-exempt providers.  These training sessions incorporate key points that are useful for building lasting relationships between the caregiver and child 0-3 years of age.  Attendees are introduced to relationship-building practices, work to understand the importance of developing ‘routine’, learn how to play, encourage movement, support language development and understand the overall development of each child in their care.  The Heart of Infant & Toddler Care Programwelcomes other family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, resource parents and all who care for infants and toddlers to these training sessions.  The Project’s intention is to provide professional growth opportunities to a wide range of individuals who have children ages 0-3 under their care with the expectation to support continuous quality improvement in these settings.

Components of quality in child care can be found in a variety of settings.  The type of setting an early care and education provider chooses should take into consideration individual needs of each child and the preferences of families.  A parent in search of an early care and education program or first school for their child can find the experience to be as rewarding as it can be overwhelming.  In spite of the qualities an individual may be looking for, it is practical to start researching early and appling to multiple programs, because space is often limited.  The Imperial County Office of Education’s Resource & Referral Program, which hosts the Heart of Infant & Toddler Care Program, offers a wealth of information – and it is made available at no cost to parents.  The Program’s goal is to support and enable families interested in procurring quality licensed early care and education services, through both childcare/preschool centers and family child homes. Finding the ‘right’ fit can work to establish a strong foundation of learning that may carry on through the child’s life.  Early care and education program availability, placement opportunies and county-wide agency resources are provided to anyone interested. This information includes Private, State, Federal, Non-profit agencies and Faith-based agencies offering early care and education services. 
Additional support and resources that are available through the Resource & Referral Program include the following:

The Resource and Referral Program’s primary function is to provide referrals to parents who are looking for a preschool program, child care center, school-age child care, a home-based enrichment program or a licensed family child care home.  For more information please contact, Vivian Yacopi, Early Care & Education Manager, at (760) 312-6604.

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